My Tools


The core part of any good massage therapists, Argentae Therapy uses quality supplies to give you only the best in massage.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion

Smooth gliding, non scented and hypoallergenic, this is my go to lotion for most of my work

Jojoba oil

A special oil used for deeper tissue work. very messy but allows more friction and therefore more heat

Vanilla Sea Salt Scrub

Vanilla sea salt scrub with an avocado oil base, more coarse than my other scrubs, allowing for a more thorough exfoliation

BonVital Exfoliating salt scrub

Used to remove dead skin and leaves your body feeling as smooth as vanilla tastes!

Earthlite Massage Table

Soft cushions, sturdy legs and a 600 lb weight limit, this table is my main platform for my work.

Sheets, blankets and towels

They cover the table and cushion you to make you feel extra comfortable while I work.