Essential Oils

-Essential Oils-


Aromatherapy has many benefits, from generally smelling nice to having what many people believe to be restorative, or even healing properties.  At Argentae Therapy we have a small sampling of oils that you can add to your massage to take that great feeling and making it go even further!

Artnaturals Essential oils

Eucalyptus- A menthol-like aroma that helps cut through tiredness and promotes circulation

Tea Tree- An aromatic scent used for motivation, known for its germ fighting properties

Peppermint- Sharp and invigorating, peppermint is known for waking the mind and body

Lavender- A floral scent that soothes the skin, promoting relaxation and contentment

Rosemary- An herbal scent known for helping aid digestion and improve memory

Sweet Orange- Sweet and fruity, a bright scent that helps to dispel negative feelings and promote joy

Aura Cacia Essential oils

Lemongrass- A sharp citrus, lemongrass is an effective bacterial cleanser and muscle reliever.

Cinnamon Leaf- A great reminder of fall,  Cinnamon leaf is great for digestion and nausea

Spearmint- Smooth and refreshing, spearmint helps to relieve headaches and fatigue!