ADORI Massage Stones

As a massage therapist, my most important tools are my hands, and the utmost care must always be taken to keep them in top shape. Over time the tendons and joints in your hands, especially around the thumbs, can become strained and painful, leading many massage therapists to quit their practice early, something that unfortunately causes them to miss out on a fulfilling and rewarding career.

I’ve noticed it myself when working, especially days when I have many clients in a row; my hands will end up tired and sore, often requiring a long soak in some hot water to loosen up again. It is a detriment to the craft that a lot of us experience on a regular basis. There are many things that, as a therapist, you can do to help lessen the effect of the hard work you put in, including getting amazing tools to help you do your work.

This is where the Adori Massage Stones come in.

The stones themselves are unassuming, white with gentle curves that create a soothing appearance. On the inside of the curve, the porcelain is unglazed, a gripping texture that makes it easy to hold, allowing you to apply pressure where it’s needed without fear that the stone is going to slip from your grasp. The outside of the curve is glazed, a near friction-less surface that, while firmer than most of your tools, glides over the skin with a bit of lotion almost effortlessly.

ADORI stones, being porcelain, start off cold to the touch, but absorb heat quickly, leading your clients to often mistake them for you own hands. The heat conduction is excellent, allowing you to place them in hot water to heat them for a hot stone massage, or even in an ice bath for a quick, non-messy solution to working with ice!

Every stones curve hugs your hand, making it easy to use them in different positions, from across your palm for long broad strokes, to having the tip pressed against your thumb for deep detailed massages; and since they come in three sizes to a pack, you have the ability through them to get every part of the body for a relaxing, rewarding experience, to both your clients and you.

The real winner though, in my experience at least, comes from the near friction-less glaze. That small detail creates the ability to work through clothing in such a way that you can massage over clothes as if you were working on bare skin with lotion. This comes a benefit because often times, especially at public events, where it would be silly to have clients disrobe, you can create near to the same benefit as you would be able to during a full session. In turn, these stones hold a possibility of helping a business to grow in a wonderful and fulfilling manner.

If there is only one criticism of the stones I have; is that one size does not fit all, those with smaller hands do seem to have a bit of a hard time with holding them. However, that should not detract you from getting them should you want to, as they are amazing tools that, personally speaking, I will definitely be using in my practice for years to come.

Concluding this, the ADORI Stones are an amazing addition to your arsenal of tools, and I would recommend them to any therapist, veteran or just starting out.

Get yours here: Adori Massage Stones