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Table massage

  • 30 Minute Table Massage


A full, multiple modality massage tailored to you! at 30 minutes, I focus on problem areas that need to be worked, rather than a full body treatment! Great for aches and pains of daily life!

  • 60 Minute Table Massage


Need to relax? want to get out all those stubborn knots and feel like a million bucks after? This is the treatment for you! A multiple modality, client tailored treatment that will leave you feeling like melted butter after I’m done! I can do anything from working on a single spot to a full body massage!

  • 100 Minute Table Massage


A full 100 minutes of bliss! Gives me the chance to get all the trouble spots, and a full body experience that will leave you a more relaxed and happier person!


  • 20 Minute Reflexology Session


If you need relaxation, but don’t have the time for a full massage, never fear, reflexology is here! an all encompassing foot rub that will leave you energized and ready to tackle the world! (or at least a good walk!)

  • 50 Minute Reflexology Session


A full foot and hand rub that will make them feel a billion times better! includes a complimentary scrub at the end!

Package Deals

  • Tier 1


Really want to treat yourself? My Tier 1 Package deal comes with a full 1 hour massage, 40 minutes of working with your hands and feet, a complementary foot/hand scrub, a hot towel, aroma therapy oils, and as an added bonus, a custom made Epsom salt bath bomb* in your choice of one of my six scents!

  • Tier 2


A whole new way of making yourself feel like melted butter! Tier 2 comes with a full 100 minute massage, followed by a 40 minute session of working on your hands and feet. All Tier 1 complimentary items are included as well!

Extras for ultimate relaxation!

  • Foot/Hand scrub


A scrub for your hard working hands and feet, done at the end of the massage so you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds and touching silk for the rest of the day


Added on to the full body treatment, I’ll mix a selection of essential oils into lotions I use, choose the scents you like and I’ll make you smell just as nice as you’ll feel after I’m done (bonus for me cause I’ll smell pretty too)

  • Reflexology


special attention paid to your hardworking feet! an extra 20 minutes will be added to your massage so I can work specifically on your feet, helping you to reach that state of pure contentment!

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Special notes

  • *Bath bombs may contain Coconut
  • **I have to know allergies before working with aromatherapy, as my main intention is not to hurt my clients, but help them.
  • Any work done outside the C-470/Northwest Parkway loop is subject to a $10-$15 up-charge depending on distance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Ask me about my Special events prices!-